Monday, September 07, 2009

the white shoes rule

These shoes are some of my favorite summer sandals. They go with almost everything, and I wear them all the time!! I'm not ready to give them up yet, just because it's Labor Day.

I'm convinced that whoever made up the "no white shoes after Labor Day" must not be from Texas. In Texas it is still hot in September, so therefore I am still wearing my summer clothes. If I'm still wearing my summer clothes, then I have some outfits that only go with these white sandals.

So whatever.....

I'm breaking the rule.

When the weather cools down, I'll gladly put my white sandals up. But for now, they are staying out!!


Alisa said...

On the TV show What Not to Wear it says that it is okay to wear white after Labor Day. From what they it is no longer valid. So you are not breaking any rules!