Wednesday, September 30, 2009

how to kill flu germs

Here's one thing I've learned since having the swine flu.

Chlorox wipes kill type A flu (the swine flu) germs.

Lysol wipes kill the seasonal flu germs.

So if you are disinfecting your house or classroom after being sick with the swine flu or the seasonal flu, use the correct disinfecting wipes. If you are just keeping your house or classroom clean, use both disinfecting wipes so that you kill all the germs.


The Fants said...

Good to know! Hope you're feeling tons better! :)

Lynny said...

It's very important to read the label. These wipes usually require that you use enough to leave the surface visibly wet for up to 10 minutes in order to disinfect.

Check out Norwex microfiber cloths for a surefire way to remove 99.94% of bacteria with only water. I get mine at