Monday, January 04, 2010

super cheesy

The first show of Bachelor or Bachelorette always makes me laugh because somehow they keep coming up with cheesy pick up lines.

This season seemed to be super cheesy.....
How does it feel to talk to the woman you are going to marry?

What do you feel about "Kisseme"? Florida that is.

Do you want right now....with me?

Hook 'em Horns?

You better fasten your seatbelt, cuz it's gonna be a bumpy road?

A Flight attendant costume?

Motorcyle Gloves?

Pretend Fiance?

Soil from Texas?

Double Sided Coin?

Jake & Ashley Spinner?

Chloe dog might get to go home with her Daddy?

Aviator Glasses?

Do you have a registry for these guys?

A Peacock Feather?

Jelly Bean girl?

But "You can land your plane on my landing strip anytime".......oh my word. That was just over the top.

I like Tenley. Who do you like?
(And I actually typed this before he gave her the first impresson rose.)


Amber Rawlings said...

tenley but i was kinda surprised when she asked for the kiss...whoa!

Amber Rawlings said...

ps biggest loser tonight...u a fan??

Nicole said...

Shes my pick too! I really like her. She seems genuine and have more values then many of the girls. I was glad he noticed her. :) I agree the cheesiness is over the top this season!:)

Ryan said...

Well my boycott didn't even last the first night!! There was nothing else on tv, so I gave in, and of course now I'm hooked. :)

I like Tenley, too. I also like Elizabeth, but I can't get a super good feel for her yet.

The Aggie Gardners said...

So I am just watching the show online...and I love the intense music and Drama and tears the show produces. It's the drama!