Monday, April 12, 2010


I had some girls from my ABF over to my house on Saturday for a little "coupon class". I tried to show them all I know about couponing, I think we had a pretty sucessful morning!! I'm not a pro like this girl, this girl, this girl, or this girl but I still think I can catch a few deals here and there!!

Here are the deals I snagged this weekend and how I got them. Nothing great, but I definitely saved some money. I did my regular grocery shopping at Kroger this week, but stopped by CVS and Albertson's for some sales.


I won't go into all the detail of this shopping trip because it wasn't that great. I took advantage of the meal deal for the week and the buy 10 specific items get 15 free music downloads. As you can see I didn't get very much, but I got everything I needed to the dinner and lunches for this week. The rest of the things needed for my meals this week were things I already had at home!!
Total Bill: $38.97
It would have been $76.23 without coupons and sales


5 boxes of Quacker Oatmeal Squares
Regularly $4.49 on sale for $2.00
combined w/ $3 off 5 boxes Albertson's coupon
and 3 $1 of 1 box of Oatmeal Squares coupons
Total: .80 cents per box

10 Yoplait Yogurts
Regularly .79 cents on sale for .29 cents with Albertson's coupon
Combined with .50 off of 8 (doubled to $1.00)
Total: .19 each

3 Instant Oatmeal & 2 Oatmeal To Go Bars
Regularly $3.39 on sale for $2.00
Combined with $3 of of 5 Quaker products Albertsons coupon
and $1.25 off of 2 instant Oatmeals
Total: 1.15 each

2 Reusable Shopping Bags
Regularly $1.00 each
Free with Albertson coupon

Total Bill: $11.65
It would have been $47.35 without coupons and sales.


Transaction 1:

2 CVS Single Rolls of Toilet Paper 2/$1.00
Free with in store print out coupon
($1 off any CVS paper product)

CVS Hand Lotion .99 cents
Free with in store print out coupon
($1 off any CVS skincare)

Wet Ones 2.99
Free with coupon

Tampons $7.99 + receive 2 EC Bucks
Used B1G1 Free coupon to get small box FREE

Colgate $2.99 + receive 2 EC Bucks
Used $1.00 off coupon

1 Liter Listerine $3.99 + receive 1 EC Buck
Used $1.00 off coupon

2 Maybelline Mascaras-$5 each +3 EC Bucks
Used 2 $1 off coupons

3 Stride Gums .99 each + .99 EC Bucks
Used Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon & .75 off coupon

2 Dawn Handsoaps .96 cents each
Used $1.00 & .75 cents off coupon

Total: 23.56 + Received $8.99 in EC Bucks

Transaction 2:

2 Covergirl Mascaras-$7.99
Buy 1 Get one 50% off sale
Used $2.50 off 2 products

1 12pack of Charmin TP-$4.99
Used .25 coupon

Used all my EC Bucks
Total: $5.66

Total Bill: $29.22
It would have been $72.94 without coupons & sales.

Total spend on Groceries/Toiletries this week: $79.84

Total without coupons & sales: $196.52

Total Savings: $106.68 (60% savings)


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Where do you get the CVS printout coupons?

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You're a HOSS!

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