Thursday, April 22, 2010

i strongly dislike flickr right now

I started using Flickr back in February after my computer crashed. I started using Flickr because I wanted to have my pictures on an external hard drive and somewhere on the web to make sure I never lost them. I also started using it because it was the only way I could figure out how to get bigger pictures on my blog.

Well, recently I have noticed that some of my pictures from old posts have disappeared. Last night I posted some pictures of Carson in the bluebonnets, and this morning all but two were gone. This afternoon I posted some pictures of a recent photo shoot, and just a few minutes later all but two were gone. What is going on? Where are my pictures going??

I'm just about ready to give up on Flickr. It has not been a very user friendly site. do you have a photo storage website that you love? Please tell.

Do you know of an easier way to get bigger pictures on your blog? Now that I'm getting into photography I really want to be able to have big pictures on my blog. I would prefer to not use an outside source like Flickr or Photobucket. I like to be able to click on the image and make it larger rather than it taking you to the Flickr or Photobucket website.

Can anybody help me out??


Gina Rock said...

Julie has some magical source of big pictures she uses... Ask her!

Alix said...

Love looking at your pictures! You have a GREAT eye!
I back up all my pics on an external hard drive and then upload them to my blog: Because they are all v. large pictures, when you click on them, they open in a new window- and are huge.
I don't use picassa, or photobucket, or flikr, as I have found them v. user-unfriendly as well.
Hope this helps- I have some current photos I took on my website under the heading "25 days" that I took and just uploaded so you can see how it works.

kristyo15 said...

I size my images down in Photoshop, and add a watermark. After that, I upload them to It is free, and very user friendly in my opinion. After I have uploaded them, there is a button to link, you copy the link and then in blogger, I write my post in HTML mode and plug in the image link. Does that make sense?

Send me an e-mail if you have any

kristyo15 said...
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The Sing Family said...

I use Window's Live Writer, a blog publishing application, which is a free download. I love it! It allows you to format your pictures totally different than blogger. You can tilt, resize and crop pics too. I never have to reduce the size of my pics prior to uploading either so it's great. I personally prefer the use of an external hard drive to store pictures and files, they are inexpensive and you don't run the risk of something happening to a website (photobucket etc) or someone having access to all your photos by hacking.