Thursday, May 20, 2010

day 1-on the boat

After we finally got our room situation dealt with, we walked around the entire ship to see what all it had to offer for the next 4 days!!  Our first stop was to the spa.  Their services were WAY overpriced, but we made sure to get our free arm massage.  
My favorite part of the ship was the top deck where you could lay in the sun with the ocean in view!!
After our trip around the ship we headed to our room to get ready for the "Welcome Aboard" show.
The show was not too impressive, but dinner was a different story.  We enjoyed every bite of it!! We really did stuff ourselves silly!!  For our after dinner entertainment we listened to some karaoke, and even got to hear one of the guys of our group sing a little song for us.  

After a fun night we were welcomed in our room by a friendly little seal!!


Ashley said...

is that the dress I gave you last summer? It looks cute on you!

(or Mom!) said...

CUTE necklace, dress and sandals!!!

The Links said...

Yes Ash, it is the dress you gave me.....

And thanks Jennifer!!!