Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on demand workouts

If you have Verizon Fios, then you are in luck!!

I just learned about a bunch of FREE workouts on On Demand.

Okay, they aren't totally free because technically you are paying your cable bill to get Verizon Fios in the first place.  But whatever.  You don't have to pay anything extra, so they are FREE to me!!

Here's how you can find them....

Go to On Demand

Click on Browse All

Click on Free

Click on MyLife and then click on Exercise TV
Ta-da!! Tons of FREE workouts!!
Some of the workouts include.....

Bikini Revolution
Back to Bollywood
Disco Abs with Cheryl Burke
Kim Kardashian's Fit in Your Jean by Friday
Bootylicious Buns
Saddlebag Buster
Tummy Tamer
Booty Camp
Last Chance Work-Out by Jillian Michaels

.....and that's just to name a few.  There are literally hundreds of different workouts!!

I am absolutely loving these workouts.  They are quick and right at your fingertips.  I can get a great workout in less than 30 minutes and not even have to leave the house!! I love it!!

If you try them out, let me know what workouts you do, and if you like them!!


The Fants said...

My sister told me about these a few months ago and I really enjoyed doing them while I was still at home. I loved it! BUT as soon as I went back to work, they were done for. I'll be staring them back up in, oh, say 16 days!! :)