Saturday, May 22, 2010

day 3-leaving cozumel

Our day in Cozumel didn't end when we got back on the ship and set sail.  We definitely had a full afternoon of fun.  
We soaked up some more sun in the back of the boat on the "Serenity Deck".  It was an adult only deck area with cushioned chase lounges.  It was only in the 80's but it got so hot that we had to take a break and go down the water slides. 
I have to admit though, I didn't go down the slides........not because I was afraid though.  I just don't like water going up my nose, and I hate that I can't open my eyes since I wear contacts. 

We also played some putt-putt.  
The ship had a 9 hole course. 
After our afternoon of fun we headed back to the room to clean up for yet another delicious dinner.
After dinner, we opted not to go to the "Broadway Show".  It was pretty cheesy the first night and we didn't really feel like sitting through it again.  We ended up playing Nerts (a card game) with one of the other couples.  When we went down to their room to get the cards, this is what we saw!!!
None of us noticed the feet until we were all about to walk out the door.  The steward had rolled up 2 of the navy blue beach towels and attached a pair of tennis shoes to them.  The shoes were tied and everything. We all got a pretty good laugh out of it. 

Our room didn't have a freaky guy under the bed, but instead had another mystery towel creature.  He didn't even have any eyes!!!
After a long day out in the sun, we slept SOOOOO good!!


Allie & Evan said...

Oh how fun!! We want to go on a cruise so bad!!! I love your black dress!!!