Sunday, June 20, 2010

father's day 2010

Happy Father's Day to our Fathers.  We love you both!!

My Dad said his idea of a perfect Father's day would be for us all to go the lake then go eat pizza.  We honored his request and did just that!!

This was our first time to go out on the boat this summer, since it's been in the shop getting fixed.  
I'm so glad it's fixed because we love to wakeboard!!!

My little brother, Drew
My big brother, Ryan

I'm not posting any pictures of me wake-boarding, because I really need to work on the faces that I make while jumping across the wake.  They are just awful!! And I forgot to take pictures of my sister-in-law.  Sorry Ash!!

Carson loved watching his Mommy wakeboard.  He waved at her the whole time.  It was so cute!!

Carson's favorite thing to do on the boat though, is to help Pops drive!! 
He is such a happy camper when he is sitting in Pops lap "driving" the boat. 
Thanks Dad for taking us out on your day!!  I love you!!

Next Sunday we get to hang out with Matt's family to celebrate Father's Day and Alisa's birthday!!