Wednesday, June 02, 2010


 I need a new color.  

I have been wearing

Dutch Tulip

.....for way to long!!

What is your favorite OPI color??


Amy said...

I was always an OPI girl, but, I have switched over to Essie, and have never looked back. I think it lasts longer, and dries harder faster, so, no dents! I love Mademoiselle on my fingernails, and then I just get a different toe color every time I go, haha. Try it out -- you may become a convert :)

Laura said...

I'm currently a fan of Elephantastic Pink!

Allie & Evan said...

I like strawberry dacquiri and OPI Collins Ave.

Meaghan said...

great question!!! i loooooove bubble bath on my fingers and shorts story on my toes :) great summer color!

Meaghan said...

oh! and i just had a mani with russian navy! i felt so hip i may buy it! xoxo

Miss Nikki's News said...

i have a few faavorites all OPI...right now i have red ayers rock which is an orange reddish color, there is also no autographs please and cajun shrimp is a great summer color and for my nails i usually get bubble bath or sweet memories

The one that I get every year at fourth of july is friar friar pants on fire
The names are the greatest part

Joel and Carissa said...

I can't really help you, cause those are the two colors I always wear.

Jodi said...

My favorite right now is cajun shrimp! It is very fun for summer. :)