Monday, August 16, 2010

back to school

And summer is over....just like that.

I sure an going to miss it. It went by way to fast.

This week is full of meetings, meetings, and more meetings.  And some more meetings.

It's a little frustrating because every year we sit through meetings ALL. DAY. LONG. with our mind going a million different directions thinking about all the things we need to be doing in our classroom.  It sure would be nice if they just cut out the meetings and let us work in our classroom for 5 days.  

I think every teacher would agree with me!!  Am I right ladies??

Anyways, happy back to school!!


The Fants said...

YES! UGH! By the time I finally get a spare second in my room, I'm more than ready to go home.

Happy back to school to you, too :)

Grannalisa said...

Yes - you are exactly right!!! I get excited about school until we have to sit through all of that inservice and by the time the students get their I am not in a very good mood!! :(

Miss Nikki's News said...


Alisa said...

The nice thing about my last few years of teaching was our new head of school realized this and only the new teachers had to attend mtg.s of things we had heard year after year. It was so nice.

Julie said...

Yes you are SOOOO right!! I hate sitting through meetings from 8:00-4:00 when I could be much more productive by working in my classroom. Honestly, today I was making a to-do list rather than listening to the speaker, and I've stayed at school til 5:30ish both yesterday and today trying to get some things done. Anyways...there's my rant about inservice meetings.