Sunday, August 22, 2010

sobe lifewater

I have a new obsession.  

I love Sobe Lifewater.  

I especially love the 0 Calorie ones.  It's a great "after work-out" drink that tastes great!!  

I wouldn't have normally tried Sobe Lifewater because they are $1.59 a pop, but over the past couple of weeks, CVS has had Sobe Lifewater on sale for Buy One Get One Free.  But even at Buy One Get One Free, this deal wasn't sweet enough for me!!

There is a game on Sobe's website where you can win a Buy One Get One Free coupon.   It will let you play once a day and you can print the coupon twice.  Since we have two computers in our house, I was able to print this coupon two more times on our other computer. When paired with the CVS sale, each Buy One Get One Free coupons gets you 2 Free Sobe Lifewaters!!  

Over the past 3 weeks I have stocked up our beverage fridge in the garage with 72 Sobe Lifewaters for absolutely FREE.  I didn't pay a penny for a single one.  If I paid full price for all of those it would have been $114.48.  

The crazy thing about this is that I might be able to get even more for Free.  Each Sobe Lifewater that has a black cap, is possibly eligible for another Buy One Get One Free coupon.  You just have to look under the cap to see if there is a code to put in their website. The CVS sale is over, but you can still play the game on their website until September 14th.  I'm stocking up on my Buy One Get Free coupons for another sale.  Hopefully I can score some more of these Sobe Lifewaters somewhere else!!