Tuesday, August 03, 2010

tennis shoes & fried alligator legs

Student: Can I have a tennis shoe for my nose?
Me: A what??
Student: A tennis shoe.

I'm pretty sure he meant a tissue!!


Me: What would you like for lunch? Your choices are chicken nuggets, turkey with gravy or a cheese sandwich.
Student: I dunno
Me: Well sweetie, you've gotta pick one.  Chicken Nuggets?
Student: Nope
Me: Turkey
Student: Nope
Me: Cheese Sandwich
Student: Nope
Me: Just Cheese
Student: Nope
Me: Just Bread
Student: Nope
Me: Well, honey, what about fried alligator legs? (said very jokingly)
Student: Mmmmm, Yes (said with a big nod and smile)
Me: Seriouly, have you ever had fried alligator legs?
Student: Yes, they are yummy!!
Me: Where have you had them?
Student: In Boston with my family.
Me: Alrighty then.....

I just wrote down that he wanted a cheese sandwich then moved on to the next student.  His response....

"I'll have what he's having!"

Ironically the chicken nuggets were actually chicken strips today.  

Would it be bad if I told those two boys that the chicken strips were fried alligator legs??


Alisa said...

I love your kindergarten quotes. They give me a good laugh for the day!