Wednesday, September 08, 2010

chicken fried rice

Last night I knew I was going to be working a little later than normal, so I planned an easy meal.  We eat "frozen bag" type meals every now and then to give me a break from cooking especially when I have to work late.  I threw this Contessa Chicken Fried Rice on the stove and baked some egg rolls for dinner.

As we were eating, I said "This sure is good for a frozen bag meal."

Matt's response....

"This is a frozen bag meal?"

Darn.  I shouldn't have said anything.  I threw away the bag, and he never saw it.  He would have never known the difference between my homemade fried rice and the frozen bag if I hadn't said anything!!

Oh well.  At least I know he likes it, because it will probably be my new recipe for chicken fried rice.  I'll definitely be trying some more of these Contessa Frozen Meals.  This one was really good and actually lower in calories than most frozen meals.