Thursday, September 30, 2010

smith slimdown

One of our 2nd grade teachers started an unofficial Weight Watchers group called "Smith Slimdown".

We are basically following the Weights Watchers program to slim down.  We are doing the program for 12 weeks, which takes to the week before we get out of school for Christmas Break.  We all paid $12 to join and all the money goes into a pot.  The person that has the highest percentage of weight loss will get the entire pot of money.  So far 32 people have joined, so the pot of money is at $384.  I highly doubt I will win, because I really don't have that much weight to lose, but I am super motivated to slim down a little, firm up and get fit!!  

I'm taking the day off today, but I went to the school to weight in this morning and I lost 5.4 pounds!!


Yolanda said...

The smaller you are, the less you have to use to have a high percentage. 5.4lbs is a very high percentage!! I've been in a weight loss group at my church and have lost 115lbs! I'm at the point now that it's hard to lose, but when I do the percentage is high. Way to go losing 5.4lbs!!!

Ashley said...

Don't lose too much. You want those new jeans to fit!!! Hope you enjoyed your day off.

Evan and Nicole said...

Yea!!! So awesome! Keep us up to date with what you are eating for dinner and snacks... etc. and definitely keep posting your loss!!! Sooo exciting!