Thursday, November 25, 2010

gobble! gobble!

Last Christmas, I made these for my neices and nephews.  They absolutely loved them, so I searched the internet and found these for Thanksgiving. 

Here's was you'll need to make these cute little turkeys.
Candy Corn
Reece's Cups

These directions are straight off the Tasty Kitchen website.

The easiest way to start these turkeys is to do the feathers first. Put frosting on the back of an Oreo and put 5 or so candy corns, point down, in the frosting, so that the wide end is sticking off the edge. I left them laying down so the frosting could dry and harden.

Next put a blob of frosting near one edge of another Oreo, and stand one of the feathered Oreos in the frosting. You don’t want to leave the Oreo laying down on its feathers, because the feathers will cause the turkey to lean when standing if you do so. Instead prop them up against a book or wall so they can dry without being too top heavy and falling over.
While the bases are drying, cut off the bottom edge (fat end) of a bunch of candy corns, and then “glue” one to each Whopper with the point out. (For the beak.) Then put each whopper head on one round side of the Reese’s cups.

Once all of these are stable, add the Reese’s/Whopper bodies to the Oreos, standing them in front of the feathered Oreo.

I used a little too much icing, but the kids definitely approved.
Now I need to find another cute dessert for Christmas!!


Brandi Gail said...

Those are SO CUTE!!!!!! I am stealing this for my niece and nephew!!!!!!!!! :)

Lolly said...

There are some really cute reindeer cupcakes on the front of my Family Fun Magazine. Also, do you remember the reindeer we made out of pretzels when you were in 4th grade? I also saw some snowmen that were cute. Remind me to show you.

johnson said...

I made these last year for my family reunion. They were yummy!!!