Tuesday, November 23, 2010

telling our ABF

A few weeks ago when I went to coffee with a friend, I was actually meeting our ABF director to tell her that we were expecting.  Her husband is in charge of our "ice-breaker" games at the beginning of class, so I told her to tell him to come up with a game in which we could announce that we were expecting.

On Sunday November 14th, Tom had us all get in a circle.  He would say things like, "Stand up and move to the left if you have traveled to more than 3 contintents" or "Stand up and move to the right if you have ever."

Towards the end of the game he said...

"Stand up and move if you and your spouse have thought about having kids."
Everyone moved, because we have all talked about having kids at some point.

Then he said...

"Stand up and move if you have thought about your kids names."
Almost all the guys stayed seated, and all the girls moved!!

Then he said....

"Stand up and move if you have recently found out that you are having a baby and want to share it with the class!!

We stood up and totally surprised everybody!!