Tuesday, November 23, 2010

telling grammy & granddaddy

On Sunday November 7th, we were supposed to have our pictures made in McKinney.  Since Matt's parents live about 30 minutes from McKinney we thought we would have them meet us for dinner after our pictures.  We ended up not getting our pictures taken that day, but we didn't want to cancel our dinner plans because we wanted to tell them our good news!!

As soon as we got there Matt pulled the little card out of my purse and showed them.  

Matt's Dad had to look at it for a minute for it to sink it, but his Mom was so excited I'm pretty sure the whole restuarant heard her screaming!!  
It was so fun to see them get so excited even though this is their 6th grandbaby!!  I know it's an extra special one though because it's their baby's baby and it will be the first grandbaby with the last name Link!! Matt has two sisters, so all the other grandkids are LeBlancs and Reeds!!