Monday, December 27, 2010

15 weeks

how far along?  15 weeks
how are you measuring?  15 weeks
size of baby? about an 4 inches, the size of an apple, and 2 1/2 ounces
heartbeat? 160 bpm (at our 13 week appointment)
total weight gain/loss? +1.6 pounds (I this week's weight gain was mainly Christmas food, and not the baby!)
maternity clothes? I'm starting to feel thicker in my mid-section, but no bump, so my clothes are still fitting just fine!!
stretch marks? No
sleep? I've slept great this week. No 5:30am alarms waking me up!! I'm still going to the bathroom 2-3 times a night though.
best moment this week? Spending time with Matt this week while he was off and spending time with our families for Christmas.
movement? Not yet! 
food cravings? No cravings.
gender predictions? Four more weeks until we find out!! I can't wait!!!
what i miss: I miss being active and exercising.  I've been so tired that I haven't exercised my entire pregnancy. I'm going to start next exercising after the new year.
what i'm looking forward to: Another week of no school.  Spending time with Matt.  Shopping with my Mom. 
how are you feeling? No nausea, no sickness, no tummy aches, way less gas, and a little more energy.  I'd say I'm feeling pretty good. I have been so blessed during this pregnancy!!