Saturday, December 18, 2010

a social network christmas

We've all heard the Christmas Story a hundred times.   As a kid, it's just a story we heard over and over.  The older I get the more real it becomes.  As an adult you really start to think about what life must have been like for Joesph and Mary.

Now that Matt and I are expecting our first child, I've really began to wonder what it was like for Mary.  We were so excited to announce that we were expecting, but what was it like for Mary to tell people that she was having a baby conceived by the Holy Spirit. I'm a little scared at the thought of child birth and raising a child.  I can't even imagine how Mary must have felt about giving birth to and raising our Saviour.  

Matt found this video the other day, and when I watched it I was really touched.  It's crazy how a silly video, about what Christ's birth would have been like if there was social networking, made the Christmas Story even more real to me this year!!

Watch and see for yourself.  I think you'll love this video!!


The Fants said...

LOVED this video!!

It's so wonderful how perspectives change over your life. I never thought of Mary's perspective at Christmas time as a kid, but now, it's all I can think of. It makes me so emotional to think about all she went though with her amazing, truly perfect little Baby. :)

Unknown said...

you did so great guessing jack's list!!! you really do speak kindergarten!!! it had toys also ;) btw....SOOOOO excited your prego!