Tuesday, December 28, 2010

next christmas.....

Next Christmas....

.....we are going to have a sweet 6 month old. 

I can't believe it!!!

Will it be a little girl wearing these clothes?
Or will it be a little boy wearing these clothes?
Either way, I've got a few things for our sweet babe to wear whether it is a boy or a girl!
Last week my Mom and I went to Kid to Kid (a baby/kid consignment store).  All of their Christmas stuff was 70% off.  I found so much cute stuff that I just had to get it all.  I really tried to just get gender neutral stuff, but was so much stuff that was either for a boy or a girl.  I only spent $11.50 on all 9 of these little outfits. So I felt like it was worth the splurge.

So whether we have a little boy or a little girl, I've got 'em all decked out for next Christmas!!