Monday, May 16, 2011

35 weeks

how far along?  35 weeks
how are you measuring? ??  37 weeks
size of baby? According to Baby Center our baby is 18 inches long, about 5.25 pounds, and the weight of an average canteloupe 
heartbeat? 130's bpm (at our 34 week appointment)
total weight gain/loss? +33 lbs  I actually didn't gain this week.
maternity clothes? Maternity clothes all the way!!  Some of my pants are feeling a little snug though. 
stretch marks? Still no stretch marks!!  Still lotioning up twice a day!! 
sleep? When I can actually fall asleep between bathroom breaks I sleep pretty good.  I'm pretty consistently going to the bathroom 4 times a night.  Last night I couldn't go back to sleep at 4am.  I stayed in bed until 4:45, then I finally got up and started organizing Pearson's room.
best moment this week? I had a super fun shower hosted by some friend from my ABF and a good friend from college and I finished Pearson's nursery!!! 
movement? He is still moving all the time.  I keep thinking his movement is going to slow down because he's running out of room, but he just keeps on kicking and squirming.  He just does it a little harder now.  He's starting to hurt me when he moves around.  I feel like he's trying to escape and is going to bust out of my belly sometimes. 
food cravings? Ice Water still.  I have to have a huge glass every night when I go to bed.
gender predictions? It's STILL a BOY!!!  Pearson Davis Link!!! 
what i miss:  I really miss my energy.  School (and my kids) are really wearing me out these days.  I come home from school and I have a million things to do, but all I really want to do is rest on the couch or my glider.  I know that is what I need to do, but it's so hard to rest when I have so much to do in 5 weeks.    
what i'm looking forward to: School being out.  I am so over it! 13 more days of school. (technically 9 1/2 for me since I still have 3 1/2 days to take off).  I'll be taking off on Thursday this week, so I'm definitely looking forward to that!!
how are you feeling? I am feeling very pregnant these days.  I'm really starting to get uncomfortable.  I'm not miserable yet, but I'm definitely uncomfortable at times.  I still feel fine in the mornings, but after I work on packing stuff up during my morning conference period, I'm pooped for the rest of the day.  My feet start to hurt, my belly starts to feel heavy, I start to have Braxton Hicks contractions, and I start to waddle a little bit. Plus, I can't seem to get super comfortable at night when I sleep.  I'm also feeling a little stressed.  It's crazy to think that we are 35 days out (if we make it that long), and I'm going to be working 14 of those days.  I really wish I could just take off the rest of the year and get everything off my to-do list checked off.  And although I have most of my classroom packed up, it really stresses me out thinking about where we are going to put all my stuff. much to think about before he gets here......which is probably why I'm having trouble sleeping.


Meredith - Mama of FOUR! said...

You look great! Let the countdown begin....

P.S. I am so excited for you!

Dana Bowen said...

Here is what I'll tell you...I know you feel like there are a lot of things you HAVE to get done before he gets here...but a lot of them you really don' getting the nursery just right and all...I know it's part of the "nesting" urge but Charlie didn't even use his nursery until about 4 months old b/c he slept in our room and when he was always a disaster anyways b/c I was too tired to put clothes away, etc. So, my friendly advice is to let things go if you can and relax any chance you can...oh and sleep in ANY chance you get...seriously you won't get to sleep in for a long time. I thought oh the newborn stage of course I'm going to be tired...but no they don't start sleeping "late" ever...I still have to get up everyday at 6-6:30...but luckily I do get to sleep through the night :) Just try not to stress about all the to-do stuff. I was a terrible procrastinator and Charlie came two weeks early. I didn't have a bag packed, didn't have his laundry done, didn't have the nursery organized at all...but I had plenty of time to do all that and my Mom was there to help me do some after he was born anyways. Just keep that in mind :)

Also, I'm sure you've already thought of this...but if you cut out some of the water before bed that will help the peeing all night situation...some...but unfortunately at this point there isn't much you can do about that.

I know it feels like time is speeding by and it is uncomfortable as all heck, but you'll look back and won't even remember what it was like (like I do now), or at least you won't remember the bad parts :). Good luck!!

Sorry, I know you didn't ask for advice on this one, but I just thought a little been there, felt like that advice might make you sleep a little better :)

Ashley said...

the end is definitely the worst, but hang in there!! I remember that tired heavy feeling! It's all worth it!

Christina said...

I'm right along there with you. Now that I'm almost 32 weeks, I have definitely started to really feel preggo. The waddle has kicked in, my feet start hurting if I stand for short periods of time...I don't know how you are doing it teaching. I haven't picked a pediatrician yet nor decided on child care when I go back to work..OH and the only furniture I have in his room is a crib. I decided to be budget conscious/ creative and find an old vintage dresser to refurbish to match his crib....well that has turned out to be a bit more difficult to I'm getting super anxious about not having a place to put his clothes besides stacked up in the closet. time is a ticking, but the bottom line is that he will have a loving home to come home too. Good luck over the next few weeks...Pearson will be here soon!!