Sunday, May 15, 2011

where did last week go?

Wow, this past week flew by.  I didn't have a spare second to sit down to blog. 
{Well, I did try to sit down and blog one night, but Blogger was down.} 

Here's a quick run down of my crazy week.....

Monday:  I drove all the way (30 minutes) to my Doctor's office after school to get a phone call as I was walking up that they needed to reschedule.  My stupid pregnancy hormones got the best of me and cried and cried,  but it was nothing a long nap when I got home couldn't cure.  

Tuesday:  I made a grocery store run and didn't even bring my coupon binder in.  Gasp!!   I also had Open House at School and thankfully came home to a crockpot cooked meal.

Wednesday: I took the day off!!  I went to my rescheduled Dr. appointment and got a good report, ran some errands then ate lunch with my parents.  My Dad came over in the late afternoon and helped me finish the nursery just in time for me to go to Bible Study. 

Thursday:  I totally overdid it at school packing up my stuff and sat on my butt all evening.

Friday:  I was in charge of the Volunteer Luncheon at my school and was on my feet WAY to long.  I came home and crashed until we rushed off to Matt's softball game.  After the win we headed to Sonic to hang out!!

Saturday:  Matt and I headed to the hospital to get our car seat properly installed.  Thank goodness we had someone help us do it, because who knew it could be so difficult.  We spent the rest of the day doing yard work and cleaning the house to get ready for the baby shower I had today.  

Whew!! Crazy week!!

Hopefully this week my blogging will be back to normal.  I'm looking forward to FINALLY sharing pictures of Pearson's nursery!! 

Stay tuned......


Unknown said...

I could have shown you how to do your car seat, or the fire station. Would have been closer!!