Friday, August 26, 2011

dinner with the fam

**Pardon the quality of the pictures.  They were taken with my dinky old point and shoot since I didn't have my big camera with me!

Last night our whole family got together to have dinner.  Everyone was there, my parents, both of my grandma's, my big brother and his little family, and my little brother and his girlfriend!!

Pearson loved all the attention he got.  He is so lucky to have met two  of his three great-grandmothers!
Nonnie & Pearson
Carson was so cute with Pearson.  He is used to talking about his little sister Oliva, so he kept saying "Can I push her?" and "She wants to swing!".  It was so funny hearing him call Pearson a her.  
When I laid Pearson on the floor Carson got a "blanket" for "her".  It was actually a quilted runner my Mom had as decoration.  Ha! Such a helpful cousin.  
Carson kept asking "What can Pearson do?" and "Can he play with me?" Sadly, I had to tell Carson that Pearson couldn't do much and he doesn't really know how to play yet.  Pops came to the rescue though and brought a bucket a cars to play with.  Carson loves cars, just like his Daddy and Pops.  I can't wait until Pearson can play cars with them, too!!
Pearson got some extra lovin' from Daddy while the boys played.
Lolly & Pearson
Lolly & Pops and Pearson
Before we left, Mom got some really good smiles out of Pearson.  She would stick his feet up right to his mouth and we would get some big smiles everytime!!
I love having my family so close.  It was nice to go over there for dinner to see everyone then come back home to our own beds!


Alicia said...

I love the sweet pictures of Pearson with the family:) You can tell he's totally loved and totally loves them with those big sweet smiles!