Wednesday, August 31, 2011

lil buddies

One of my roommates from college, Kristen, and her baby, Thomas came over today for a "play date." I put play date in quotes because our babies can't exactly play yet.  We enjoyed catching up and talking about all things Baby & Mommy though!!  I love staying home with my little guy and seeing him all day long, but it sure was nice to see and talk to another adult during the day.  

Take a look at our little cuties.  
Their poker faces don't really show that we had a good time, but we did!! 

 We got Thomas to smile, but Pearson was as serious as could be.  
They had no idea they were even sitting next to each other.  It was precious!
Cute, huh?
I look forward to many more play dates with Kristen and Thomas watching our precious little boys grow up together.  They are going to make great little buddies.  


Chelsea said...

These pictures make me smile :) Just wait, they'll be on the same t-ball team before ya know it!