Tuesday, August 09, 2011

pink jobs

When Matt and I got married we discussed what we like to call "Pink Jobs" and "Blue Jobs".

Blue Jobs include bills, garbage, car maintenance, & yard work.

Pink Jobs include cooking, cleaning, & laundry. 

While I was teaching I did a pretty good job of staying on top of the cooking and laundry.  Cleaning was and never really has been one of my strong suits.  I was constantly straightening, but I just hated cleaning.  I would literally avoid it at all costs.  I would maybe clean once a month and that was if company was coming.  When I did clean, I had my little routine of cleaning the same areas each time.  I feel like I always just skimmed over each room missing important things like dusting ceiling fans, cleaning baseboards, wiping window seals etc.  So essentially our house was never really clean.

Now that I am a Stay at Home Mom, I have have two duties.  
1.  Take care of the baby.
2. Take care of the pink jobs

Because I hate cleaning, taking one full day to clean just doesn't work for me.  And it especially doesn't work for me now that I have a baby to take care of.   

I have no excuse though not to keep up with my pink jobs now that it is my full time job. I searched around on the internet for a cleaning schedule and I found a "Home Organization Plan" that I think  it is really going to work for me.  I really like this plan because it's not overwhelming.  It's just a small task each day.  It also has Decluttering/Cleaning tasks each month that really help keep your home organized.  

Here's a run down of this Home Organization Plan.

There are daily duties.......
Morning Tasks:
1. Make your bed.
2. Wipe down bathroom.
3. Set out something for dinner.
Midday Tasks:
1. Make sure your weekly or monthly tasks are done.
2. Afternoon tidy

Evening Tasks:
1. Kids bath, brush, and bed.
2. Make sure your kichen is cleaned.

There are weekly cleaning tasks.....
Monday: washing laundry and changing bed linens and bathroom towels
Tuesday: vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning your bathroom
Wednesday: laundry, cleaning windows and wiping down door knobs and light switches
Thursday: vacuuming and menu planning
Friday: laundry and mopping
{**I'm going to change a few of these to work with my schedule.}

There are monthly tasks.....
There is one task a month that is to be completed such as wiping baseboards, cleaning out the car or cleaning out the refrigerator. These are things that just need to be done once a month.  
{These are the things that I usually just skipped over, so it's great to have a calendar to tell me to do it}

These tasks can be done at any time.  These are the tasks that help organize and simpify your home.  These tasks include things like cleaning out the pantry, cleaning out the medicine cabinet or cleaning out from under the sink.  

I started this schedule on August 1st and it seems to be going well.  I love having tasks that I can check of my list.  I am really hoping that this cleaning/home organization schedule will help me keep a clean organized home and do all my pink jobs to the best of my ability.  


The Fants said...

Oh man. I think I need this. I am the same way about heavy cleaning. Heck, any cleaning at all! And, around this time next year, you'll have a wonderful helper to help swiffer, throw things away, and other little tasks!!
Good luck! :)

Brandi Gail said...

I clean every 1 to 2 weeks, but I HATE deep cleaning...Baseboards, blinds, etc! This is a great calendar!

The Roberts' said...

I think I need this too! I have a pretty good basic cleaning routine, but I need to work in the deeper cleaning tasks. I just quit my job so hopefully I can be a bit more diligent.

Carissa said...

I need this list too! Luckily we are still in an apartment so there isn't a lot to clean, but soon we will be in a house and this will be very helpful!

Kerri McCormack said...

Wow, that is a really awesome calendar! A modified version of this (since I have to work all day there are certain things I would only do on the weekend) would really help me.

The Aggie Gardners said...

Thanks for sharing this, even though there are no kids in our life this comes in quite handy for the working wife :)

Tristan said...

Wow! This is a great schedule! I recently switched from full time to part time work and should definitely be able to keep up with "pink jobs" more easily now!