Friday, February 24, 2012

five on friday

1. I got this table top toy today for Pearson for $5 at a garage sale!  I cleaned it up and it is just like new.  Pearson loves it!!
2.  Pearson has learned how to pull up to his knees in his crib.  Looks like we'll be lowering our crib one more time sooner than I thought.  
3.  We saw Ashley, Carson, & Olivia at Story Time today.  It was so cute when Pearson and Olivia saw each other.  It was like Pearson said, "Hey, I know you!!"
 4.  Stroller naps seem to be Pearson's new thing.  He took a 20 minute stroller nap this afternoon along with an hour nap this morning and an hour and a half nap this afternoon!!
 5.  I finally decided to take Pearson to the doctor because he's had a snotty/stuffy nose for way to long. The doctor recommended that we try Children's Zyrtec over the weekend to see if that helps.  If it doesn't help then we'll start an antibiotic on Monday to clear up what she thinks might be a sinus infection.  Poor baby!!

Happy Friday, y'all!!


Audrey & Randon said...

Hey Katy! I love the pic with Olivia. If you download the blogger app you can blog from your iPhone. It's super easy too!!! The app is free!

Lindsay said...

That picture with Olivia is too cute!!

Christine said...

I keep missing ya'll at story time. The weeks I've been there, you haven't and vice versa. Maybe we'll see you next week. :)