Thursday, February 02, 2012

think inside the box

Yesterday I got box in the mail. 
(of FREE diaper I might add!!)
While we were playing with his toys on the floor, he kept going for the box. 
Typical baby huh? They all love the box better than the toy.

He was so distracted by the box that I just put him in there!!

  He played for a good 30 minutes in the box without any toys.  
 I finally gave him some toys and he played for another 30 minutes.  
Sometimes I guess it's a good thing to think inside the box!!

And can you guess what he's playing with this morning while I type up this post??

Yup....the box!!


Ryan said...

Isn't that how it goes? Who needs to pay for toys when boxes are free? ;)

(Also, I left a little award for you on my blog... :))