Sunday, December 15, 2013

baby no. 2 {30 weeks}

how far along? 30 weeks
how are you measuring? measuring about a week ahead
size of baby? size of a cucumber
heartbeat? 145bpm (at our 28 week appointment) 
total weight gain/loss? 22.4 lbs  It's definitely more than I would like but I'm still a few pounds behind where I was with Pearson so I guess I can't complain. 
maternity clothes? Yep.  Over the belly maternity pants are my favorite!
stretch marks? No stretch marks and no dark line.  My belly button looks so funky though.  It's kind of popped out on the top but not the bottom.  
sleep? My sciatic nerve has been bothering me again this week which makes sleeping uncomfortable.  It hurts to move from side to side or to get up to go to the bathroom.  
best moment this week? Finishing my Christmas shopping!! 
movement? He's a mover and a groover.  His head always seems to be really low on the left side with his legs always kicking me high on the right side. 
food cravings? Chick-fil-A Tortilla Soup
gender predictions? BOY!!!! Nash Matthew Link
what i miss? Having energy in the evening.  After dinner I pretty much veg out on the couch because I'm just too pooped to do anything else.  There's so much to be done this month and I just don't have the energy to do it.  
what i'm looking forward to? Lots of family time this week.  We were busy every evening this past week and this week we don't have much going on.   I'm just excited to have lots of time at home this week with my boys.
how are you feeling? My sciatic nerve is my biggest complaint this week.  Overall I really can't complain about my pregnancy being difficult.  I know most of my complaints are nothing compared to what some go through.  
comparisons to last pregnancy? My hair is already falling out like crazy.  I don't remember it falling out until after Pearson was born.  

Here I am 30 weeks with Pearson and 30 weeks with Nash.


Erica Ladwig said...

I borrowed the question summary to start my pregnancy blog updates, hope you don't mind! I linked back to your blog! Merry Christmas to you guys!