Thursday, December 05, 2013

drama in the womb

Before we left on our Babymoon to San Antonio, we had a little drama in the womb.

**Please don't feel like you have to read all this, it's mainly for my record!!

1:20am: Woke up with some lower abdomen pain along with my bladder feeling extremely full.  I went to the bathroom but still felt alot of pressure and didn't get much relief.

2:00am:  Still feeling alot of pain in my lower abdomen.  I begin to freak out that something is wrong and I start breathing hard and shaking like crazy.  I have never had a panic attack, but I'm pretty sure that is what was happening.  I felt like I had no control of my body.

2:20am- Called the on call service to talk to a nurse but my doctor was the one that called me back.  Since I wasn't bleeding, I was drinking alot of water and I wasn't have contractions he told me to just try to get some rest but if the pains didn't go away I should go ahead and come in to get monitored.

2:50am- By this time I was finally able to stop shaking but I starting having contractions every 15 minutes.  They definitely weren't Braxton Hicks contractions and they weren't extremely painful contractions, but they were waking me up every 15 minutes. They really felt more like mentrual cramps but that's how my labor with Pearson started so it was quite scary.

4:50am- I had contractions for 2 solid hours every 15 minutes.  I probably should have just gone into the hospital, but since it was so close to morning I was being stubborn wanted to just wait until the doctor's office opened to avoid a trip to the hospital.

5:00am- I called my Mom explain to her what was going on and see what she thought I should do.  While I was talking to her my contractions finally stopped.  I still didn't feel right though. My entire belly hurt and had lots of pressure.  We decided that when Matt left for work, my Mom would come over and help get Pearson ready for school.

8:30am- Mom took Pearson to school.

9:00am- I called the doctor's office and explained what had happened during the night.  She went ahead and just transferred me to my doctor which I thought was really nice!  He told me to go ahead and come in so he could check things out and give me some peace of mind before we left town.

10:15am- Everything checked out perfect in the sono.  He is definitely still a boy, he weighs about 2lbs 10oz and my cervix wasn't shortening.  My doctor thought I had just probably overdone it the day before which was causing the pain and the contractions could have been stressed induced.  I was stressing about the ice storm and getting out of town and then stressing over what my body was doing.  Since my cervix wasn't shortening and everything looked good in the sono he just told me to take it easy over the weekend.

The best part of all this drama was getting to see my little boy.  At both of my sonograms he hasn't really cooperated for a good profile shot.  This was the best she could get.  You can see his lips and nose but then it kind of fades away above that.  My favorite part of the picture is that his foot almost in his mouth.  The sonographer commented on how limber he was!!
Now I'm just praying for no more drama in the womb.  Little man still has 10 more weeks to cook.