Saturday, March 14, 2015

klyde warren park

On Thursday, Ashley and I took the kids to Klyde Warren park.  I had been wanting to go ever since it opened.  We were hoping that the sun would come out but it stuck around 60 degrees and cloudy for most of the day……at least it didn't rain!!  Pearson was so excited to pack a picnic.  It's so funny that something so simple can make him so happy!!
 As usual, Nash hung out in the stroller most of the time.  I feel bad that at this age Pearson got to do a whole lot more, but Nash isn't walking yet and it's too hard to keep my eye on both of them.  Thankfully he doesn't mind being in the stroller one bit……as long as I keep the snacks coming!!
 The thing I was most looking forward to at Klyde Warren Park was the food trucks.  I have only eaten at food trucks a hand full of times, but they have never disappointed.  I ate at one called The Butcher's Son and I got beef braised quesadillas.  They were soooooo good……..and pretty reasonable priced.  
Miss Oliva kept Nash entertained while I ate my messy (but oh so delicious) quesadillas.

I don't know why I didn't think about packing a ball for Nash because he LOVES to play catch.  Thankfully Carson brought a football and let Nash play with it for a little bit.  He didn't get to crawl around as much as he would have liked because the ground was still a little damp from all the rain the day before.  He was not a happy camper when I made him get back in his stroller. 
 Before we headed back home we when and played at the Children's Park for a little while.  It was so incredibly crowded.  Not only was it Spring Break, but there was also some Jeff Gordon even going on  and the place was filled with Nascar fans. Pretty much all Pearson was able to do was slide down this little hill, ha! He thought it was awesome though!!
I'm so glad Ashley and the kids went with us.  It's not an adventure I would have wanted to do on my own.  I don't drive in Dallas by myself.  I would have gotten lost, driven on the wrong side of the road and never found a parking spot if I went by myself!! 
 Love these sweet boys and the adventures we get to take together!!
 Now……don't hate me for saying this…….
but I need to honest about our visit to Klyde Warren Park.

While our day was definitely enjoyable and the food was great, I don't really see us going back any time soon.  It's a long drive for us for a picnic and a small and crowded park that to me isn't all that great.  At one point, Pearson even said, "Is this the park?" I think he was a little underwhelmed.  It's definitely more of a play ball and run around kind of park and when Pearson thinks of a park he thinks of slide and swings.  I think we will just stick to picnicking and playing at the parks closer to home!! 

I'm glad I can say I have been to Klyde Warren Park though.  I definitely think it's a Dallas must do thing!!


Alisa said...

I just love seeing pictures and reading about all of your adventures with the boys! They looked cute in their Baylor shirts.