Wednesday, March 11, 2015

nash {13 months}

25lbs & not sure in length
You are wearing 18 month PJ's, 12-18 month and some 18-24 month/2T hand me down shirts, 18 month pants.  You are in size 4 diapers and size 3 shoes when you keep them on.  

I don't really want to type this for fear I might screw things up, but we had a great month of sleep.  FINALLY!!!! As always you go down super easy for all naps and bedtimes.  You go to bed at 7pm on the dot and this month you have pretty consistently woken up at 6:30am.  Still earlier than I would like but it's better than in the 5am hour.  If you wake up closer to 6am, I have been able to nurse you and put you back in your bed for another hour which has been nice.  Sadly no matter what time you wake up, you wake up a grump…….crying until we come get you.  There is no playing in your crib happy over here.  Just crying.  It's funny that for such a happy baby, you wake up so grumpy.  Naptime is usually 2.5 hrs after you wake up in the morning, so most days its around 9:30.  This most you typically napped for about 1.5.  Afternoon nap is always at 2pm because that's when Pearson's rest time is.  You sleep about 1.5-2hrs in the afternoon.  Afternoon naps are almost always longer.  It's funny how your sleep continues to change each month even at a year old.  Pearson was always soooooo consistent so this is so different for me!

I am still nursing you first thing in the morning, before afternoon nap and at bedtime.  I tried to drop your nap time nursing but you just aren't ready.  You started drinking whole milk, but you still aren't crazy about it, which is why I don't think you are ready to drop the nap time nursing.  I definitely throw away more milk than you drink.  You eat three meals a day and have a couple snacks throughout the day.  Your favorite snack is oyster crackers and your favorite food is any kind of fruit and pasta. There have been a few times this month where you have pushed almost all your food away and just skipped meals and I'm pretty sure it's because you are teething.  I can't see any teeth yet, but I really think one is coming.   We still haven't found a thing that you don't like.

New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
You are cruising and crawling all over the place but still not standing on your own or walking.  You are making great strides though (pun intended).  You are doing great with your walker and you like to walk with us holding both hands.  You are just still really wobbly and don't have any balance.  You wave bye-bye all the time. You can "give us 5". You LOVE to dance and are so cute when you do it!

Da-De (Daddy) Surprisingly you say DaDe instead of Dada and you definitely know it's Daddy! 
Hiiiiii & Bye-Bye (when you wave), Bubu and Mama (but you don't always know it's Bubba and Mama)

5 (3 top/2 bottom) The right top one still hasn't come in yet, but with so many days that you have pushed away food, I keep thinking it is.  Who knows?  

Doors, toilets, cabinets, getting into anything you aren't supposed to, playing ball, rolling cars, pressing the printer button, open mouth kissesPraise Baby videos, your remote toy in the car, being tickled, being held upside down, when we pick you up from the nursery!

Diaper changes and having to get diaper cream put on, getting lotioned up after bath time, when I put you down after holding you, when we pull you away from the printer, when we pull you out of the bathroom.

Other Random Facts:
  • If we say "Gimme kisses", you lean in with an open mouth.  
  • You love to "bulldoze" into brother.  It drives him crazy but you think it's so funny.  
  • You have such a dramatic cry.  If we are in another room we can never tell if it's a actual hurt cry or feelings hurt cry.  
  • You LOVE playing ball. You can actually play catch really.  You rear your arm back and have a really accurate throw.  
  • You are absolutely obsessed with the toilets.  We have to keep the doors and potties closed or you are in it.  You discovered how to open up the potty this month so we can't ever leave the door open.  
  • You are way more into things than Pearson ever was.  You love to get into anything you aren't supposed to. 
  • You love to climb on and both your brother.  It's like you know it bothers him!! I see wrestling matches starting in our near future.  
  • You love to look at yourself in your mirror in the car.  You also like to make lots of noise with your hands and mouth while in the car.  
  • Your socks and shoes never stay on in the car.

Here is Pearson at 13 months and Nash at 13 months.

 Look how you have changed……


Alisa said...

Nash has such a cute personality! Love our chunky little monkey!

Rachel Zimm said...

I always love your month updates!!
Nash is so much like Ephraim, it is fun to compare!
I am nursing those same sessions, and I need to start supplementing milk because I'm not sure he's getting anything from me anymore. Hard to let go!