Saturday, November 28, 2009

BUTT event

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Jerry's World to watch the Baylor Bears play Texas Tech.
I was super excited about seeing the stadium, but I was not too excited about watching 2 teams I don't care about.
I decided to be good sport about the whole game and I even wore a Baylor t-shirt. But don't worry Ags, I still wore my Aggie Ring.
Our seats were in the corner of the Baylor end zone, but they weren't bad at all. I don't think there is a bad seat in the whole stadium.
I'm pretty sure I spent the majority of the game just watching the big screen. It is huge.
Absolutely HUGE!
Even though the game didn't end quite like Matt would have preferred it to, it was a good game to watch. It was definitely an experience just seeing it.
After the game we stopped at Cheddar's for some dessert. I looked at my ticket and saw BUTT Event. I had to think for a second before I realized BU stood for Baylor University and TT stood for Texas Texas.

I thought I was pretty funny when I told Matt that the BUTT Event sure did stink this year.

Better luck next year Bears.