Wednesday, November 18, 2009

string cheese

Matt and I have this new obsession with string cheese. I randomly bought it at the grocery store a while back, and now we just can't get enough of it.

And neither can our dog.

I have never been able to give Izzie doggie treats. Ever since she was a puppy she always got an upset tummy after I gave a treat. We have also never given her people food. I never wanted to get started with that bad habit. I have always just given her ice cubes as a treat and she loves it. The other day I decided to give her a teeny tiny bite of my string cheese just to see if she would eat it.

Not a good idea. She LOVES it!!

Now she begs us for a bite of string cheese every time we eat one. Sometimes I'll quietly go in another room to open my string cheese because she can hear and recognize the sound of us opening string cheese.

Atleast Izzie likes healthy snacks, right??