Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sweet cinnamon

I met my friend Cinnamon for dinner tonight at Raising Canes.
Mmmm mmmmmm good. You should definitely try it if you've never been.

But that's beside the point.

Cinnamon and I used to go to the same church and see each other all the time, but since Matt and I got married and moved churches I don't get to see her that often.
I'm so thankful for our dinner dates that we get to have every so often. Every time we meet up, I'm am reminded at how blessed I am to have a friend like her.

And because I know you read my blog, Cinnamon......Thank you for being such a sweet friend. I can't wait until our next dinner date!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh Katy! You are so sweet! I love our dinner dates and catching up with you too!