Thursday, November 05, 2009

super savings

I am so proud of myself. I have not been the best "couponer" since school started. It just takes so much time to match up all the deals with all the good coupons. I decided to get back on track and start saving.

My first stop was Kroger. I got $250 worth of groceries. After the Kroger sale savings and coupon savings, I only spend $89!! That is 65% savings!! I was so excited to stock up on some big items as well as get groceries for my meals this week. Some of my big items were 3 12pks of toilet paper, 6 boxes of tampons, and 4 bottles of All laundry detergent. That alone would have cost around $80, but I got tons of groceries in addition to my big items.

My second stop this week was CVS. I got $60 worth of toiletries and kitchen items. After coupons and Extra Bucks, I only spent $18. That is 70% savings!! At CVS I got 2 large things of Colgate toothpaste, 3 bottles of Listerine, a box of Cascade dish detergent, 4 bottles of Dawn dish soap, and 3 CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara. The mascara alone would have cost me $24, if I would have paid full price, but I got lots more because of my coupons!!

Yay, for couponing!! It's so rewarding when you think that my grocery bill would have been $310, but since I cut coupons and took the time to find the sales, I only spent $107 dollars.


Circle A Designs said...

Katie!! I love it!! I have been doing the whole thing and have saved a ton too! I don't think I can beat your trip to Kroger though! My best is more like $80. :) You impress me! I need to learn your tricks of the trade! ;)

Soon to be Adcock Home said...

Ok so I gotta know how you do it. I could use cutting back on my monthly living expenses a bit. Do you play the or anything or do you just clip coupons? For the coupons do you have a subscription to the newspaper or where do the coupons come from?
Obviously I've never done the coupon thing before, so I don't even know where to start.

The Stikos said...

How in the world do you save this much!? I've only recently started "couponing", but apparently there's definitely a strategy to it. Have any tips you could share? Thanks!