Thursday, May 20, 2010

room with a view

Our cruise didn't exactly start how would have liked it.  We walked into our original room and it literally smelled like an ashtray.  There was no way that we were going to be able to sleep in it.  One of the other couples that we went with also had a smoky room, so we went to guest services and complained.  They kindly said they would "refresh" the room and we had high hopes that it would be better.  

They re-cleaned everything in the room and even had some sort of air filter machine in the room for a while, but it still smelled.  Once again we went and complained.  The lady told us she could "refresh" the room again and send a supervisor to check it out, but there was nothing else she could do as there were no other rooms available.  At this point we were so frustrated because we hadn't even had time to relax and we missed the cruise setting sail.

After we checked in at our Muster Station, we headed back to our rooms for the third time.  Of course it still smelled like smoke.  This time we decided to get mean and call guest services and complain once more.  They miraculously had two rooms available for us.  They were no longer next to each other, but they didn't smell like smoke, so we didn't care!!

We even got an upgrade because our original rooms didn't have a window.  
It sure was nice to have a room with a view!! 

But it was really nice to have a room that didn't smell like an ashtray!!