Wednesday, April 06, 2011

calling all mommies: hospital bag

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We went to our first childbirth class last night, so I've got Labor and Delivery on the brain.  I know I'm still 10 1/2 weeks out, but I want to have my bag packed and ready to go 3-4 weeks out. {I know, I'm crazy!!} I just had a friend have her baby 3 weeks early so I want to be prepared.  I'm such a planner and I want to have everything packed and ready to go when it's "Go Time."  


What did you pack that was absolutely essential?  
Did you pack things that you didn't need?
What do you wish you would have packed?
Did your husband pack a bag?

Look forward to hearing what you all have to say!! I have ABSOLUTELY loved hearing all of your input on my previous "Calling All Mommies" posts.  I just love how much all of you love being Mommies and love sharing your stories and advice with me.  I can't wait to be apart of "The Mommy Club!"


Lindsay said...

I have been thinking the same questions after our first class last night also. Several people have said to bring snacks and quarters for the vending machines for Dad.

Steve and Nickolee said...

vending machine $$
chapstick (i'm slightly addicted)
nursing bras
cute pjs for being comfy in hospital (motherhood maternity has some cute nursing ones)
adorable little outfits for pearson
i took my medela pump but after talking with my pediatrician realized i didn't need to have it that soon anyway!!

The Roberts' said...

I know you already read mine, but I'll leave it as a reference for other people who may be looking. :-)

The Roberts' said...
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The Fenner's said...

Lets see, I packed my bag like the morning I went to the hospital! I was already in labor... opps! One thing we forgot was our phone charger. I also forgot FACE wash. But I wish I hadn't. As far as snacks, I don't know where you are delivering, but our hospital had a snack room with cookies, chips, sodas, water whatever you really wanted. It was for anyone, and it was FREE.( So you might not need to bring your own, our hospital also had REALLY good food 3 times a day, for Adam and me... I can't wait to go back, the service was GREAT! I have also heard of people bringing boppy's and their own pillows, I don't think that was necessary, but if you are picky about your pillow go for it. Adam didn't pack a bag, but he went home everyday to let the dogs out and to shower. Obviously, don't forget your camera, and some comfy cloths. Since you are due in June, I recommend like some dresses or something. Also, GRANNY panties. I know I know, gross, but seriously they are comfy and that's what you will want. :) Um, that's all I can think of right now.

The Fenner's said...

Oh I thought of something else... I wouldn't worry about bringing your own wipes or diapers, they will give them to you, so don't waste room in your bag!

The Roberts' said...

oh, & after reading the comment above mine about the pump: you probably won't need it after you have the baby, but we did use mine to try to induce contractions since my water broke but I wasn't contracting. So maybe take it but leave it in the car.

Amber said...

I don’t know what hospital you are delivering at but medical center of Plano had just about everything I needed. They gave me a bag of bathroom necessities. I.e. toothbrush etc....I did bring my pillow, pajamas, laptop, ipod, stuff to keep the Hubby entertained, camera, and outfits for baby. They gave me everything else needed for baby. If I think of anything else. I.will let you know. Enjoy every moment of it...even the pain. It is so exciting and such an accomplishment.

Gina said...

I had one small bag for the L&D room with the basics like camera, phone charger, robe, slippers. Chances are, you'll switch from L&D room to a maternity room shortly after having little Link. That way, Matt won't need to lug around pillows and a bigger suitcase when you're really needing to focus on having a baby. My hospital provided any baby necessities and even the 'granny panties' that I would need while in the hospital. They also had good snack and food services and/or family was able to bring in anything we wanted. I wanted out of the hospital gown asap so I brought cute-ish pjs to wear each day. I'm getting really excited for you as I write this!!

Katherine said...

I had my baby in a birth center and went home 5 hours after giving birth so I had a slightly different experience. However, I was super duper over prepared and didn't use 90% of my stuff.

I packed my labor&delivery bag, Isabelle's diaper bag with her take home outfit/blankets/nursing cover/burp cloths etc, Dylan had a small emergency bag (if we went to the hospital), and I had an emergency bag!

In L&D bag I would pack:
- Walking Shoes
-Snacks for YOU---even if you have to sneak them in....if you are hungry at all you should eat! I wasn't hungry but I did have water and juice to keep my energy up. The midwives let you eat if you want/need to.
-Relaxation Music and Player/speakers
-Massage Lotion
-GUM--my husband had bad breath during transition and I could not STAND IT!
-Chapstick---especially if they wont let you drink water (crazy!---I have never been so thirsty in my life than during labor)
-Rice Socks
-Birthing Ball (THE BEST tool we used besides getting in the tub)
- Comfy clothes to lounge in
- Cute PJ's and robe
- Granny Panties---they are a must post-partum
- Nursing tanks

I think being over-prepared is important because you never know what your labor is going to be like! It is so exciting you are in birthing class. It was such a great preparation for me and my husband and really helped us have my dream birth experience!

Evan and Nicole said...

My "must haves" have been, Soothies (helps soothe nipples in between breast feeding), snacks (although friends and family can get you food, but at night it is nice), I made my own gown for the hospital, I felt a lot more "cute".. your mom could definitely make you one!, a cute sign for the door, a ton of clothes for the baby and blankets, I brought my boppy at my last stay and it really helped with feedings, shower stuff, I also agree with all the "granny panties" comments.. you will want them!
If you do have to have a c-section...(I had two) be sure and ask for the "BAND" to hold you in after surgery... It helps secure your stomach and incision.

Hope this helps!

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

I would second the "two bag" recommendation - one for L&D, the other for Post Pardem. Definitely have Matt pack a bag. Brian didn't and I forgot to throw in PJs for him. He slept miserably in his jeans on the tiny chairbed thingy :(

#1 Must: Cute/comfy PJs and gowns! I felt 100% better when I got out of those nasty hospital gowns.

#2: A water bottle.

I would bring your necessities because I delivered in the early AM so I didn't get my "goody bag" with everything until I had already showered. Just something to consider.

Ally said...

I definitely agree with Gina about 2 bags. You just won't need as much in L&D and it will make it easier on Matt if he isn't hauling a huge bag around. As far as snacks go, I wouldn't worry about that. Most hospitals provide food and let you bring in whatever you want (I always had my mom or dad call on their way and pick food up for me and David). They will also provide you with a water bottle and anything you'll need for Pearsen. Don't even pack diapers and wipes because they'll put a bag in your room and whatever isn't used, you can take home.

Must haves for me were a robe, slippers for walking around, comfy (and stretchy) nursing pj's (stretchy in the waist just in case you have to have a c-section), toothbrush, face wash. I felt 100x better once I got out of the nasty hospital gown, showered, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put on comfy pj's. The robe was more so for if I was walking around outside our room.

David's #1 must have was a sweatshirt and comfy pants.

So excited for you!!!