Tuesday, April 05, 2011

i'm a loser & a winner

Every year Matt and I make a bracket for March Madness.  I can't even remember who won last year, I usually don't really care about the tournament.  Long before the tournament was over I had already lost.  Both of our final four brackets were COMPLETELY wrong.  Matt beat me by just a few games.  So I'm a loser!


This year Matt's family decided to do a tournament online through CBS.  We all made our brackets (including Pearson) and made it a big competition.  Since we were together during the entire 2nd round of the tournament while we were in Arkansas, it was so much fun to check the standings each night.  Matt, Pearson, and I all kind of stuck around 4th place, 5th place and 6th place most of the time.  After all the games on last Sunday I was in 1st place and the person in 2nd place couldn't even catch up with my score even if she got all the rest her bracket right!! So I won!!  Matt's Dad even made a certificate for me!!

So until next year, I am the reigning champ of the Annual Link Family March Madness Tournament!!