Saturday, April 02, 2011

want some cute jewelry??

Look at 
how cute 
 these necklaces are!!
I got lucky and won a giveaway of one these Rosette necklaces.   
 Today only you can score your own because Sew Called Life is offering 20% off all of her necklaces if you use the code WIN20.  So head over to her shop, Sew Called Life and your own cute necklace.  

Now what color should I choose??  Too many cute colors to choose from. 
I'm leaning towards the lemon or lagoon. I want a fun Spring color!!


Carissa said...

My vote is for Lagoon...

Allie & Evan said...

My vote is lemon!! Summer and Sping... I can't wait!!!

Christine said...

Hey, how did this necklace turn out? Has it held up well? Thinking it might make a good gift, but concerned about quality.