Thursday, May 19, 2011

ahoy!! it's a boy!!

Last Sunday two of my friends from our ABF and a good friend from college gave me a shower.  It was SO much fun!!
  When Tammy first told me she wanted to give me a shower, she asked me what I thought about having it at my house.  At first, I thought it was kind of weird, but the idea grew on me and we decided to have it at my house.  I am so glad that we decided to do it at my house.  It was fun to have the decorations all set up in my house.  (Some are still hanging!!) It forced me to get Pearson's nursery all finished so I could show it off.  It made me give my house a good deep cleaning before Pearson gets here and I didn't have to transport my gifts anywhere. Tammy, Courtney, and Cinnamon totally outdid themselves with all their cute decorations, games and  pirate theme. 

When I saw the invitations I knew it was going to be a cute shower!!

When the guests first came in they saw the cute entry table set up.
There were 2 pictures of me and Matt as babies and a place for the guests to leave me and encouraging not or verse to put in the treasure chest!
They also had the cutest little bottles that looked like "message in a bottles" that were filled with candy and said "Thanks Matey!"
Tammy made a precious diaper wreath to hang in the living room for decoration.  I totally have it hanging on Pearson's door right now and plan on taking it to the hospital to hang on our room door when he's born!!
Below the mantle they  hung a sweet little Pearson banner.  I still have it hanging, and I'm not sure I'll take it down any time soon.  I just love it!!
The food for the shower was absolutely delcious and so cute because it was all blue and red. 
The cake was probably the cutest cake I have ever seen and not to mention SO good. 
Before the gift opening began, we played a few games.  We had to match celebrity babies with their Mommies or Daddies. 
It was a whole lot harder than I thought.  There were alot that I didn't know.  I got 7 right. 
Julie won the "pirates gold" (golden chocolate nuggets) for getting 10 correct!!
For the next game, I had to model my belly so the girls could guess how big around they thought I was by cutting a piece of yarn!!
Most everyone was pretty nice, but there were a few that took way to much yarn!!
Amy ended up being the closet and won the other cup of "pirates gold"!!
I was blessed with so many fun gifts for Pearson.  His nursery is seriously overflowing with gifts. 
I am so thankful for all my sweet friends that I get to "do life with".  We are extremely thankful for all the generous gifts that we received for Pearson.  I'm pretty sure Pearson won't be walking until he's two because all my friends will be holding and loving on him all the time.  He is going to be so loved!!
No rush ABF girls, but I can't wait for you girls to be Mommies with me!!


Lindsay said...

that cake is precious! what a fun shower!

fancyashstyle said...

I saw your cake was from Say it with Sugar. I am SOOOO addicted to that place. It's the best!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to join you in the mommy club, but until then I will have to 'scratch my baby itch' by holding Pearson! Only one more month!

Julie said...

I can't wait to join you in that Mommy club either (hopefully not for a couple of years)! I had a blast at your shower...your hostesses really did an amazing job with everything!