Thursday, September 08, 2011

calling all mommies: baby allergies

This week's topic is....


So it's been a while since I've done a Calling All Mommies post.  I've decided to just post topics as I think of them rather than doing them weekly.  

 Pearson has been sneezing, had watery eyes and a stuffy nose at night this week.  The poor guy wakes himself up at night because he can't breathe good out of his nose.  I called my doctor and she said to bring him in next week if it persists or if he develops a fever and also gave me a few suggestions to help him.

My question for you is....

How do you remedy a stuffy nose for your little one?


She McCord said...

Little Noses saline solution and the blub. I always have Justin do it though...

The Fants said...

Bryson went through that, too. He still does after he's been outside for a long time, and especially at the lake. I'm pretty certain he has allergies, but they don't diagnose until after 2.

I started off using saline and then bulb...but I HATED the bulb, and so did he. I didn't even think it worked very well.

Thankfully, I heard about this thing called Nosefrida. You basically suck the boogers out (sounds DISCUTSTING, but it's not at all.) and it is amazing. Bryson never cried at all when I used it and now, even asks for it when he's stopped up. "Momma, nose? Pease?" haha

Christine said...

We're having that issue right now too. We do the saline. We sometimes use the bulb syringe, but we recently got the Nosefrida thing that Kristen mentioned on the recommendation of another friend. It does work pretty well and she doesn't mind it as much (most of the time). We also have a cool mist humidifier going during the night and naps. We finally got the go-ahead from our pediatrician to give her a small dose of Children's Claritin at night, but since Pearson is younger, your ped may not recommend that yet. Good luck!

Christina said...

While we don't quite have allergies yet (that I know of) I do have a cool mist humidifier that I use every night next to his bassinet. I too have the nosefrieda which really is cool. You can see what your getting out...and it can be cleaned out vs the bulb which simply collects all the gunk over time which is gross.

Olson Family said...

Jacob has suffered from allergies since he was about 8 months old. He has seasonal allergies as well as a dander allergy. Our pediatric allergist suggested a few things that I didn't know.
1. Keep your house cool and dry (windows closed).
2. Do NOT use a humidifier no matter how stuffed up your baby gets. Allergens need moisture to survive and you want to keep your home as dry as possible. (So keep his nose moistorized with the saline drops).
3. Change crib sheets often, vacuum often.
4. During bad allergy season try not to be outside when it's super windy.
Jacob was able to start taking zyrtec and singulair before he was 2 because his were so bad and started causing ear infections!
Good luck!!

Katherine said...

Baby saline spray and the nosefrida....the best invention ever! I hate those bulb syringes but the nosefrida really works. Also a cool mist humidifier.

Good luck!