Friday, September 16, 2011

Pearson {3 months}

Dear Sweet Pearson-

This month has flown much so that Mommy hasn't taken very many pictures this month.  I think I made up for it by the amount of pictures I took today though!!!
 I can't believe you are already 3 months old.  You are growing and changing every day and we are loving every minute of it. You aren't a teeny tiny baby any more, but you are still so sweet and cuddly!!
 This month you have really started to interact with us.  If we lay you on our laps and talk to you, you will talk and smile at us for a long time.  We even get a little "hah" every now and then.  We can't wait until we get a full out giggle from you!!  You are the most smiley in the morning after you eat and right when Daddy comes home.  I love that you aren't fussy in the evening and that Daddy gets to see the sweet happy baby that I get to stay home with all day!!

I still can't believe what a great sleeper you are.  I swear you are just a dream baby.  I feed you around 8pm, put you to bed at 8:30, and you are usually asleep by 8:45 without a peep, fuss, or cry.  The best part is that you are now sleeping 11-12 hours.  It's wonderful!!  For a few weeks, you would still "wake-up" around 4am squirming and grunting, but it was nothing a pacifier wouldn't fix.  Now you don't wake up at all in the middle of night.
I still swaddle you at night and I have no intentions of stopping any time soon.  You are about to have to move up to the larger size of the SwaddleMe blanket.  I'm dreading the day that you grow out of the large size because you sleep like a dream while you are swaddled.  But hopefully it's just training you to be a good sleeper and it just won't matter when I take you out of it.
There was one week this month that you refused to take any naps unless you were in my arms, but other than that you are also a super napper.  You take about a 2 hour nap about an hour or so after you wake up in the morning (9-11am) and and then you take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon after your 2pm feeding 2:30-5pm).
After the week of no naps, I started putting you on a pallet in the living room for naps.  Ever since I moved you, you've been sleeping like a charm for naps.  I have a feeling your room is just too bright during the day.  It gets the most sun in the house, so I think I might have to look into getting some black-out curtains so you can nap in your crib.
You make us laugh because you are such a creature of habit even at 3 months old.  My parents kept you the other day, and I told her that you when you were tired you would start to get fussy, take your paci then nuzzle your head in the corner of her elbow.  You like your head completely facing down when you fall asleep in someones arms.  You did everything exactly like I told my Mom you would.  She even called me to tell how crazy it was! I guess I just know you really well!!
We put you in the nursery this month for the first time.  You've done great every time.  Each week the teacher says that you are very content.  Each time you haven't really napped, but I'm totally fine with that because you've taken a great Sunday afternoon nap each time.  We're talking 3-4 hours!!
We also started going to Bible Study every Tuesday and MOPS every other Friday this month.  You've done great in the nursery for these events too!! And also taken great naps in the afternoons on those days.  I think I'm really going to love Bible Study and MOPS days.
We took our first "road trip" with you this month.  We only went an hour away to Grammy & Grandaddy's house, but it was our first time to be away from home.  You did great!! You loved getting lots of extra loving from your grandparents and you even slept for 12 hrs for the first time while at Grammy & Grandaddy's.
As far as eating goes, you have put yourself on a new schedule this month, and I LOVE it!! I love the predictability of having a schedule.  It's really crazy that you just put yourself on this schedule.  It's a very "ish" schedule....give or take 30 minutes.  I nurse you at 8ish, 11ish, 2ish, 5ish and 8ish.  We are definitely on a schedule but we can be flexible when we need too!!
I always prefer to nurse you because I hate to pump, but you have had a few bottles of breastmilk (8-10).  You take them fine, you are just a little bit messy.  It's nice to have the option though to give you a bottle when we have company over or when we want to leave you with Lolly & Pops.
You have really started to "play" more this month.  You love tummy time and you even started rolling over from your tummy to your back this month.  You love to look at toys that make noise and you love looking at yourself in the mirror.  You still like to sit in your bouncy seat and you have really started to like your swing and play mat this month.  I think your favorite thing to do this month is lay in your crib and look at your mobile.  You could seriously stare at it for a good 30-45 minutes.  When Mommy needs to get things done this is so helpful!!
You are so easy to get out with.  You usually scream when I put you in your carseat, but the second I pick you up you stop.  When we are in the car you sometimes cry, but if I let you cry it out for 5 minutes or so, you always fall asleep.  You take great naps in the car!  If we are out shopping, you love to be in the stroller and you really love to be in the K'Tan.
Pearson, we are absolutely crazy about you.  You really are the best baby ever!! You bring so much joy to our lives and we look forward to all the fun things next month will bring.  We love you!!

Your Mommy

{3 month Stats}

Weight: 13lbs 4 oz. (this is an estimate on our scale at home)
Length: 24 1/2ish inches
Eating: nursing exclusively about 5 times a day (around 8am, 11am, 2am, 5pm, 8pm)
Bedtime: around 8:30pm
Awake: around 8:00am
Naps: Naps around 9:00-11:00 and 2:30-5:00 and a few cat naps (30-45 minutes) in between the other feedings.
Diapers: size 1's until Sept 4th/size 2's
Clothes: Just packed up all the 0-3 month/3 month clothes
Favorites: snuggles, eating, sleeping, paci, tummy naps, swaddle blanket, bottom pats, swing, bumbo, bathtime, walks, laying on our legs and talking to us
Latest Tricks: rolling over from tummy to back, blowing bubbles, making lots of sweet noises, sleeping 11 1/2 hrs at night, and drooling up a storm

Look how you've changed.


Chelsea said...

I love how he progressively gets chunkier :) My daughter was always such a little chubster. I didn't realize until just the other day (she's 17 months old) that she's not as roly poly as she used to be :(

The Stikos said...

Oh my goodness, Katy, he's so adorable!! Looking at pictures of him really makes me want a boy the next time around :)

Christine said...

Cute! Naomi is on a similar schedule (except for right now and I think she's cutting her top two teeth, we'll see). Anyway, definitely get the blackout curtains. We have them in Naomi's room and it's awesome. I know it makes a big difference based on how she's napped in other situations with more light. We actually got ours at Anna's Linens, but I also checked out Target and BB&B and saw good ones there too (or Penney's). Anyway, love the pics and glad things are going well!

Alisa said...

My grandson is just adorable. I love all the pictures and expressions on that sweet face. Can't wait to love on him next weekend!

Lindsay said...

So so cute!! It's so fun to see how they've changed so fast!