Wednesday, September 07, 2011

stair steps

Over Labor Day weekend, Matt's cousin was in town from Arkansas.  While her family was in town we all got together.

 These are are the cousin's kids.  It was so fun to see them all play together.
A picture on the stairs was only fitting because of their stair steps in ages.  

Peyton- 5th grade
        Emma- 4th grade
                MaKenna- 3rd grade
                        Ellie- 2nd grade
                                Preston- 1st grade
                                        Haley- 3 years old
                                                Ethan- 2 years old
                                                        Carson- 1 year old
                                                                Pearson- 2 months old

Hope you had a great Labor Day too!!


Lolly said...

What a cute picture. I love all their names too.

Carissa said...

They are going to have a lot of high school graduations in a row!