Sunday, September 11, 2011

the newlywed game 3.0

Last night we dropped Pearson off at Lolly & Pops so we could go hang out with our ABF!
 Our class is about to multiply, so Matt and I will no longer be in the Honeymooners class.  Since most of us in the class technically aren't newlyweds anymore, we thought it would only be fitting to play one last round of The Newlywed Game before we move on to our "grown up adult class".  
We played The Newlywed Game last year and the year before.  Both years The Hutchison's won, so me and Matt were determined to win this year!!  Unfortunately we didn't win, but the reigning champs didn't either!! Ha! We actually tied for 4th with them!!
Such a fun night with all our "newlywed" friends.  

I'm looking forward to the days when we can all get together with our little families soon.  We have 2 new babies on the way in our class.  Pearson is finally going to have some friends in our ABF!!


Julie said...

Whoa....we have TWO new babies on the way in our class??? I only know about the Brattons. Who's the other couple?

Carissa said...

YAY for babies! You guys just had to get the ball rolling now everyone is following you!