Wednesday, December 07, 2011

dear santa.....

Dear Santa-
I've been a really good boy this year.  Well, technically it's just been 5 months and 3 weeks, but I've been good for all of the days I've been here.  Next year I'll be good for the entire year!! 

Here's what is on my Christmas list this year......

1. I'd like anything handmade by my Lolly.  I'll take anything, bibs, burp clothes, re-usable snack bags, onesies, leg warmers, you name it, but I really want a new diaper bag with sports on it.  My Daddy loves sports so I think he wouldn't mind carrying a sports diaper bag!
2.  I'd like some Baby Einstein Videos.  My cousin Ethan loves these and he said I would love them too.  
3.  I need some board books.  I don't have very many.  I would love this First 100 Words book.  My Mom used to be a Kindergarten teacher so she really wants me to like books! She says you can never have too many books. 
4. I need some new footy PJ's.  I'm growing so fast that I already need the 9 month size.  But don't get the kind with snaps, it takes my Daddy forever to put those PJ's on.  I only like the zipper kind!
5. I would love a Fisher Price Swing.  We have the perfect place to swing on our patio!!

6. I love to listen to music so I would love some Praise Baby DVD's.
7. These trumpette socks are my favorite.  They are some of the few socks that actually stay on my feet, but all the ones I have are for little babies.  I need these in the 0-12 month size.
8. Now that I can sit up I'm ready get out of the baby bathtub.  I could really use a seat for my bathtub so I can sit up and play.

9. Speaking of playing in the bathtub.  I really need some toys for the tub, I don't have any! Oh and I wouldn't mind one of those Ladybug bath caddies.....except they make a frog one for boys!!
10. My Mom says every baby needs one of these toys.  It looks pretty fun to me!!
11. I really want an iPhone, but I have a feeling my Mom & Dad are going to tell you I'm too young for one, so I suppose this will do.  
I think that is it, Santa.  

Oh wait, don't tell my Mom, but I saw a few of my Christmas presents in her bedroom.  I wasn't snooping.  She just had them laying out.  I thought I would tell you so you wouldn't get the same thing for me!! I got some new 9 month winter clothes and this puppy and this tool bench!!

It was good to finally meet you today, Santa!!



Lindsay said...

That is the same Santa I saw every year growing up. He's the REAL Santa in my family! :)

Brandi Gail said...

This list is ADORABLE! I love it! I think Santa will be very GOOD to Pearson! :)

Lolly said...

SShh, don't tell Pearson, but Lolly got him the swing and Nonnie got him the frog tub caddie.

Kyle and Darci said...

What a fun post!! I need to take Adelyn to see Santa!

Where is the lady bug bath caddy thing from? I haven't seen one of those before.

We got Adelyn that same bear!

Erica said...

Where is the bath tub ring/sit up help from? I looked at BRU and couldn't find anything similar

Jennifer said...

This is a very helpful post Pearson. Love you, Aunt Jenn!!!

Jennifer said...

This is a very helpful post Pearson. Love you, Aunt Jenn!!!

christie and kyle said...

wow, I got some great ideas from this post! thanks, Pearson! :-) and tell your mommy that all carter's footy pjs are $8 this weekend!