Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Do you remember 2 years ago when it crashed and I had to pay $800 to get all my data retrieved off my hard drive?

So my hard drive crashed AGAIN.

Well thankfully I learned my lesson and bought a external drive and I back it up often.  Thankfully I backed it up on December 10th so the only things that were not backed up were pictures taken after that date.  Luckily most of them were still on my camera or I had burned a CD of them. 

On Tuesday computer  had a random message pop up saying that I needed to restart it.  So of course I did.  When I re-started it, it wouldn't turn back on then it kept beeping at me.  I had a bad feeling that my hard drive was possibly crashing.  

I took it up to the Apple Store and I was really hoping that this dude could help me out but he couldn't. 
He gave me the bad news that my hard drive had crashed, but he was super helpful in telling what I needed to do.

This time the crash cost us much less. I bought a new hard drive and installed it myself!!  {Thanks to YouTube videos} I took it back up to the Apple Store to have the Operating System put back on then I put all my data back on by hooking up my external hard drive.  


If I wouldn't have back up my computer, the last time I had back it up was around September so I would have 3-4 months of pictures of Pearson's life.  I have lots on facebook and my blog, but not all of them.  

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE learn a lesson from me AGAIN.  Get and external hard drive and back up your computer NOW!!!!


The Adcock Home said...

Wow! I will definitely have to invest in an external hard drive now that a little one is coming. I can't believe it's happened to you twice!!! I thought Apple computers were suppose to be reliable? Do they know what's causing it to keep crashing?