Saturday, December 03, 2011

3rd annual Christmas date

The past two years we have gone to dinner and looked at Christmas lights with The Hoopers.  

Last night Matt and I dropped the little man off at Lolly & Pops and we headed to Addison for our 3rd annual Christmas date with the Hoopers.  We went and ate some delicious Mexican food at Manny's. Everyone had been except for me.  I loved it.  I would totally go again!!
After dinner we stopped at Starbuck's to get a drink.  I got my normal Winter drink, a Vanilla Creme with Peppermint!! Mmmmmm it just tastes like Christmas.

After we got our drinks we drove all over Preston Hollow & Highland Park.  I don't know if I enjoy looking at the houses or the Christmas lights more.  The houses down there are just gorgeous.  I decided this year that my favorite Christmas lights are the ones on trees where they branches are completely covered.  I love it!!
We had such a good time on our double date.  We didn't even get home until midnight!!

 Looking forward to the 4th annual Christmas date with the Hoopers!!

And next year Tammy, WE MUST TAKE SOME PICTURES!!!


Tammy @ Next To Grace said...

You would think between the two of us crazy bloggers we could remember to take a picture! I'm linking to your post!

Julie said...

I LOVE looking at Christmas lights, and Michel go out to different areas every year and are always a little bit disappointed by the lack of lights displayed. Would you recommend the area that yall went to? Glad yall had a fun Christmas double date :)

Tammy @ Next To Grace said...

oh and sorry for keeping you out so late. We stayed up past 2am. We are kind of night owls.

Alicia said...

Yay for fun annual Christmas traditions! PS I LOVE THOSE HOUSES and would love to have their decorators over at my place any day:)