Friday, December 16, 2011

pearson {6 months}

Dear Sweet Pearson-

How in the world are you six months old today? You are a half of a year and that is just crazy to me!! Who said you could grow up?? You have got to slow down little man!!
This month started off a little rough, as you were not napping well and were just down right fussy.  Thankfully I think we have worked things out and you are just a joy to be around now!!
After we got through our rough patch, this month has definitely been my favorite.  We are really seeing you grow and learn new things right before our eyes.  It's so fun to see you accomplish new things and discover new things.  
We definitely don't have to work as hard for your smiles anymore.  You are just a happy baby and will smile for just about anybody.  Now if we could just get you to smile for the camera!!!
You giggle at different things everyday.  We haven't really found one thing that makes you giggle every time.  We wen do get you to giggle it just melts our hearts.  It's the most precious sound!!
You are still drooling and chewing on your toys like crazy, but we still haven't seen an pearly whites pop out yet.  You LOVE to suck on people's fingers.  If someone is holding you, that is the first thing you go for.  And if you get their fingers in your mouth you "gum-down" on it so hard.  When you get teeth, it's going to hurt!!
You are finally back to your normal sleep schedule.  We put you to bed around 7:30.  We lay you on your tummy, turn your sound machine on and you are out within 5 minutes. I am so thankful that you can fall asleep on your own at night.  Every now and then you wake up once in the night needing your paci, but it's a quick fix, so I don't mind getting up for that.  You sleep a full twelve hours most nights, waking up around 7 or 7:30am. There are some mornings that we find you in the exact same position that we put you in at night.  You must be a hard sleeper!!
Napping has been SO much better this month.  I still have to rock you to sleep, but it just take me 5 minutes tops, and you don't fight it at all anymore.  You typically take your longest nap in the morning around 8:30.  You usually nap an hour to an hour and a half.  You then take a mid-day nap around noon and another nap around 3 or 4. One of those naps is usually about and hour and the other is about 30 minutes.  Sometimes you take a long afternoon nap and someday you take a long mid-day nap. It just depends on the day! I'm so glad that you have decided naps are worth taking.  
You have started to "talk" to us this month.  You love to talk when you are in your high chair, when you are sitting on the floor, and when you are in your carseat.  You are making some the "ga", "da", "ma" and "ba" sounds,  but obviously you mean nothing when you say them.  It's so sweet to hear you babble.    I'm pushing for you to say Mama first and of course Daddy is pushing for Dada first.  We'll see who wins.  I'm sure it will be Daddy, since most babies say Dada first anyways!!
You have really started to love your jumperoo.  You played in it well last month, but you have finally figured out how to jump in it and it makes you giggle sometimes.  It's so cute to watch you play!
You still love to play on your tummy, however you don't stay in one spot anymore.  You love to roll all over the place.  One morning this month I laid you on the floor to play with your toys while I went to fix breakfast.  When I came back in the living room, you had rolled all the way across the room!  Also while you are on your tummy you pulled up all the way on your hand and you can scoot back and turn around.  I'm sure it won't be long until you are crawling. 
Speaking of new skills, you can also sit on your own now.  You are an official sitter and you are too cute when you are doing it.  You are so proud of yourself.  You spend alot of the day sitting on the floor playing with your toys.  I put them all in front of you and you just go from toy to toy.  I think you would prefer to play with your toys on the floor than be in your jumperoo.  It's so nice to set you down and know you can play contently while I get things done.
 You celebrated your first Thanksgiving this month.  No food this year, but you love all the attention that you got from our family!! 
Our biggest change this month is that we have introduced you to solids.  We started rice cereal about a week and a half after you turned five month.  We gave you rice, oatmeal, barley, and multi-grain cereal (in that order). I did rice cereal just once a day for the first few days, then when I started introducing new cereals we started giving it to you twice a day.  Two weeks after doing just cereal, I introduced you to bananas and then sweet potatoes.  You loved both of them.
Today I gave you green peas and you didn't really care for them.  We'll try them again tomorrow.  I've enjoyed making your babyfood so far, but I'm not opposed to giving you store-bought food when we are out and about.  You've done really great eating solids so far and I look forward to introducing you to lots more new foods in the coming weeks.  
Since we've introduced you to solids, you've really gotten yourself on a great schedule.  I am still nursing you 5 times a day but we have also added 3 meals a day. Your naps are way more predictable and I'm loving it!!
I love nursing you, so I rarely give you a bottle.  I made a mistake and went about 4 weeks without giving you a bottle this month and when Lolly & Pops kept you last week you refused to take your bottle of breastmilk.  So when your Aunt Nicole and Uncle Bryan kept you the other day I decided to give you a bottle of formula.  You wouldn't take that either.  You finally took a bottle of breastmilk on Sunday because you were so hungry.  I've got to be more diligent about giving you atleast one bottle a week to keep you used to them!
We used to eat dinner at the island with you in your bumbo, but you are grabbing and reaching for everything so that doesn't work anymore.  We have to eat at the table now so you can sit in your high chair.  
Speaking of grabbing and reaching for things, you are starting to get into everything.  If we are holding something, you want it! If you are close to something you'll do everything to get it.  I can only imagine the things you are going to be getting into when you are actually mobile.  You are going to be a busy boy. 
You still do great when we are out and about.  You love riding around in your stroller, because you love all the sights to see.  It's so nice to be able to go places and know that you will be content.  I went to dinner with a friend last night close to your bedtime and you were an angel.  You sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time and had dinner with us! I'm so thankful you are such an easy going baby! 
Pearson, you are our world.  Life without you just wouldn't be complete.  We thank God for you everyday.  We love you!!

Your Mommy

{6 month Stats}

Weight:   16 pounds 14 ounces
Length:  27 1/2 inches
Head Circumference: 44 1/2 cm
Eating: nursing 5 times a day (around 7:30am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm,  & 7pm) along with 3 meals a day (around 8:30, noon, & 6pm)
Bedtime: around 7:30pm
Awake: around 7:30am
Naps: usually 2 1 hr- 1 1/2 hr naps and one cat nap (30 minutes) around 9:00, 12:30, and 3:00
Diapers: size 3's starting December 11th
Clothes: 3-6 months, 6 months, and a few 9 months and 6-12 months
Favorites: eating, sleeping on his tummy, playing with your toys, bathtime, when daddy gets home
Latest Tricks: rolling all over the place, sitting on his own, jumping in his jumperoo, entertaining himself with toys

Look how you've changed.


April Rice said...

Look at those cute cheeks now... I love the look back over the last 6 mo.. he has grown so much.. you really don't realize it until you see all 6! I love reading your blog and your little man is adorable. Have a Merry Christmas, Katy, Matt, and Pearson!

ashley, kyle, clay, and avery said...

He is SO Matt Jr. What a little cutie!

Lindsay said...

so cute! I love all of his expressions!