Wednesday, September 05, 2012

personalized hand sanitizer

It's time for my first "Pinned There, Done That" post!!

I found this tutorial on Pinterest on how to make these cute personalized hand sanitizers, and I knew that it would be the perfect little gift for Pearson's Mother's Day Out teachers.  Cute, simple, & cheap!! 
They were simple, simple, simple to make.  All you need is hand sanitizer, scissors, transparency paper, and ribbon.
First you'll need to peel off the labels.  I used good gone to get all the remaining sticky off. 
I designed the words in photoshop then printed them on regular paper.  I took the printed page up to the Office Supply Store and made a copy on transparency paper.  It was a whopping 45 cents!! I have an ink jet printer and if I printed on the transparency from home it would smear.
After you trim around the edges roll it up and stick it inside the hand sanitizer. 
Use the hand pump to move around the transparency until you get it flat against the front. 
And Voila!!
I just added some cute little ribbon and ric-rac to make it look festive for the first day of school!!
And because I love you guys so much.....I have included a printable (without Pearson's teacher's names)for you! Enjoy!!
To download:
Click on the printable, right click, save it, & print it!!


Faith said...

What a cute idea! I bet the teachers loved it!

Lindsay said...

So cute! I will definitely be copying you when Hudson starts MDO!

Allie said...

Love it!!! Thanks for the great idea!!! I see Christmas presents!!!

Alisa said...

Very cute idea Katy!

Brittany said...

Love this idea!! Thank you for making it look simple & not overwhelming!!!